Two Stage Snow Blowers


Making sure that your walkways, decks and driveways are clear during the winter months can be a daunting task. Take a look to see if a two stage snow blower is a fit for you.

Do I Need a Two Stage Snow Blower?

If you have a large area of snow to clear and if you have a sloping landscape then a two stage snow blower is a necessity. A two stage snow blower also is needed if you have large areas of grass or gravel to clear.

Features Available in a two stage snow blower

  • Two stage snow blowers come in gas powered only. This makes them more powerful.
  • They work well in heavy snow along with ice.
  • Most of the two stage machines clear a path 24″ to 32″
  • Some models come with a headlight for early morning or evening work.
  • Heated handgrips are available on some machines.
  • Two stage snow blowers are self-propelled so they work well on sloped areas.
  • Some come with power steering.
  • Speed control can be found on some two stage snow blowers.
  • A very handy feature for gas powered snow blowers is an electric plug-in for using in an outlet for a quick cold start.

What Features Do I Need To Look For in a Two Stage Snow Blower?

Many features are just a personal preference but there are some things that are important on all two stage snow blowers.

  • A larger width for larger areas.
  • Cast-iron gear case for durability.
  • Drift cutters if you have deep snowfalls.
  • An adjustable chute for changing direction and pitch of snow.
  • Large tires for better traction and easier steering on sloped areas.
  • Power steering if you have a lot of sloping areas.

Choosing the snow blower can be difficult but determine what you landscape is like and what your preferences are for extra features. Look at reviews and the reputation of the manufacturers. Another important research tip is to find out how much replacement parts cost for different manufacturers.

What Are the High Ranked Two Stage Snow Blowers?

There are 3 two stage snow blowers that rank high among buyers.

  1. Ariens ST28LE Deluxe. This machine has a 250cc Briggs and Stratton engine, certified to start at -20F throws snow from 3ft. to 50ft. has a 120V electric start. Works well on any surface and any type of snow.
  2. Ariens ST30LE Deluxe. This machine also has a Briggs and Stratton engine for ultimate power. It has a duel belt auger drive. For durability it has the cast-iron gear case and is all steel constructed. Powerful and works on any surface.
  3. Craftsman 88957. This model is less expensive and doesn’t have all the frills of the other two models yet it is powerful and works in deep snow as well as the others. It works well on gravel and paved surfaces. It doesn’t have power steering but still maneuvers easily.