How to Store a Snow Blower for the Summer


Making sure that your snow blower is stored away for the summer takes some time but is essential. Storing your snow blower properly will help it keep running well for years to come.

Summerizing an Electric Snow Blower

An electric snow blower is very easy to summerize.

  • Check the cord attached to the snow blower and the extension cord used to make sure there are no cracks or frayed areas.
  • Lubricate the auger and/or replace the auger blade if it is showing too much wear. Your owner’s manual will be able to give you gudance on how much wear is OK.
  • Make sure the electric snow blower is completely dry.

Summerizing a Gas Snow Blower

  • Lubricate the bearings. Your owner’s manual will be able to tell you if lubrication is necessary and what kind of lubricant is needed.
  • Check the control mechanisms. Make sure the cables are tight and if they need to be replaced then now is the time to do that before you store it away.
  • Check the belts on your snow blower for any wear. The belts may need to be adjusted yearly and replaced every several years.
  • Change the spark plug yearly. Follow the owner’s manual for the torque suggestion and full installation information
  • Change the oil with the manufacturer’s recommended oil and weight.
  • Add a fuel stabilizer before storing your snow blower. Add the stabilizer and then run the snow blower for a few minutes. The manufacturer may have a recommendation on the type of stabilizer to use. Many people recommend storing the snow blower with an empty gas tank so if you do that, add the stabilizer and let the snow blower run until it runs out of gas. Storing an empty blower is safer than storing one in an enclosed area with gas.
  • Snow blower blades vary greatly so maintenance will vary also. There are metal , plastic, and rubber blades. All need to be checked for damage and if they are damaged then they need to be replaced to avoid injury and to make sure your machine runs properly and most efficiently.
  • Check the tires or the tracks for wear and damage. Make sure the tires are inflated properly. Check the tires periodically throughout the summer for proper inflation. Check the tracks for wear.

Properly Storing the Snow Blower

Properly storing your snow blower will reduce the chance of problems at the start of snow season.

  • It is a good idea to have some sort of a mat or carpeting to place the snow blower on for the summer.
  • Make sure that if you keep gas in the machine over the summer that it is stored in a well ventilated area.
  • Cover your snow blower but make sure that air can circulate under the cover. Many manufacturer’s make covers for the different snow blowers or you can just use a large drop cloth to cover it while it is in storage.