Snow Blowers Buyer’s Guide. How to Pick the Right Tool for the Job

snow blower

Research and making informed decisions will assure that you have chosen the right tool for the job. Here are a few things to look for when purchasing a snow blower.

What Are Your Needs?

  • How much snowfall do you get a year? If you have heavy snowfall and it falls frequently you may need to look at a more powerful snow blower like a two stage blower. Ice is another factor. If you get a lot of ice you will need a more powerful two stage blower with a serrated auger. If, however, you only get light snowfall and it is infrequent then take a look at a single stage snow blower or an electric snow shovel.
  • How much surface do you need to clear of snow? If you have small walkways, decks, porches and small patios then consider a smaller more maneuverable single stage blower or an electric snow shovel.
  • What type of surface to you have to clear? If your surfaces that you are working with have asphalt, gravel, are grassy, or on a steep incline then look for a two stage blower. They maneuver much easier on the inclines and on gravel and asphalt. They are have wheels so they are not touching the ground. A single stage snow blower will throw rocks because it’s mechanisms touch the ground.
  • Do you prefer electric or gas snow blowers? Electric blowers are perfect for clearing areas close to the house since they need to be plugged in. They will do a great job on your patios and decks. If, however, you have lots of area away from the house then you may want to look into the gas snow blowers. With the gas snow blowers there will be more maintenance needed as compared to the electric blowers. Both blowers need to be clean and dry after each use but the gas blower will require engine care regularly either by yourself or a maintenance professional.
  • Do you have any physical limitations such as not being able to lift heavy objects? If that is the case then you definitely need a smaller more lightweight machine. The electric snow shovel or a single stage machine will work. The single stage machine will be more powerful but also lighter in weight than the two stage machine.

Special Features

If you are looking for more bells and whistles on your snow blower then you will have to look at the more powerful and more expensive machines. Each special feature adds to the cost of your snow blower but some of them may be worth it to you.

  • Hand warmers- Wearing gloves while you are working to clear the snow will help but hand warmers are quite nice. They are on the handles of the blower and can keep your gloved hands protected from the cold and the wind.
  • Headlights- With your schedule, you may be clearing snow in the early morning hours or after the sun goes down. There may be areas that are not lit very well and the headlights are a real bonus and also keeps you safe.
  • Speed controls- Some machines come with multiple speeds that make it much easier to use in different depths of snow.
  • Electric start- If you opt for a gas blower and you want ease in starting your blower then make sure it comes with the electric start feature