Single Stage Snow Blowers


Snow season can be exhausting both emotionally and physically. Finding the right tools for clearing those accumulations of snow can be difficult and overwhelming so continue reading for information that can help you.

Is the Single Stage Snow Blower for You?

Single stage snow blowers or also know as snow throwers, uses a single high-speed motor to move the snow through the machine and out a discharge shoot usually out the front of the machine. There are even small lighter weight machines that can be lifted to dig into the deeper snow areas. Single stage snow blowers are usually for lighter snowfalls of less than 8″ but don’t handle ice as well as a two stage blower. If you have lots of hills in your landscape this might not be the machine for you because these snow blowers have a limited forward-drive action. Look at the type of surface you have to clear. Single stage snow blowers work best on walkways or decks so if you have gravel or lots of grass area go for a two stage snow blower. If you have less than 40 feet of surface to clear then the single stage snow blower can work for you.

Features of the Single Stage Snow Blower

The single stage snow blowers have fewer bells and whistles than the two stage blower so take that into consideration when choosing your machine.

  • Most of the single stage blowers clear from 12″ to 22″ wide.
  • Single stage blowers come in both electric and gas models.
  • A single stage electric will run between $100 to $300. A single stage gas machine will run between $300 to $750.
  • Smaller than a two stage blower so they take up less room and are easier to handle.
  • Some of the machines have a light in the front for those early mornings or late evenings.Most come with a 2yr-3yr warranty

Top Rated Single Stage Snow Blowers

  • Toro Power Clear 621QZE with electric start
  • Toro Power Clear 621QZR
  • Simplicity SS7522E and SS7522EX with electric start
  • Honda (20″) with electric start
  • Cub Cadet (21″) with electric start

Safety Issues with Single Stage Snow Blowers

There are literally thousands of snow blower related injuries in the Unites States each year. Because of the design of the snow blower the snow can build up on the auger. As it builds up it can jam the motor stalling it. Before the auger jams and stalls the motor, it can become distorted so that when it is cleared by hand the auger can snap back to shape with great force causing injury to the hands. The proper way to clear the auger is to turn off the engine, unplugging if electric, and then disengage the clutch to the machine. Don’t use your hand to clear the packed snow. Instead use a broom handle or other long object. Wearing gloves will also be extra protection when clearing the machine. One way to keep from having to clear the machine so often is to use a snow blower non-stick spray in the blower chute and the auger.