Simple Steps That Will Keep Your Snow Blower Running for Years


A snow blower is a big investment to make so it’s important to do the necessary maintenance to keep it running in top conditions for years. Maintenance for your snow blower is basically the same regardless of what kind of snow blower you have.

Single Stage Snow Blower and Two Stage Snow Blower Maintenance

Be sure that you take the time to thoroughly read through the manufacturer’s manual for your snow blower. The manual will have specific instructions for your blower that might differ from what you might find online. These are the basic steps to maintaining your snow blower and specifics will be found in your snow blowers manual.

  • The air filter in your snow blower needs to be kept clear of dirt and debris. Change or clean it out at least once a season. The fuel filters can be located in the fuel line and some are located in the fuel tank. If the screen is clogged with debris then it needs to be replaced.
  • Use a degreaser every season before you store your snow blower and as needed throughout the season.
  • Check the fuel cap and make sure the air vents are not clogged.
  • Check the tires often to make sure they are inflated properly. If you have tracks instead of tires, then inspect those for any wear and tear.
  • Check for lose or frayed drive belts and replace as necessary. The cold weather can cause them to crack.
  • Make sure you lubricate the drive mechanism, impeller, and auger. This will insure that they turn properly and work more efficiently.
  • Every two years replace the spark plug. Don’t crank the engine with the spark plug removed.
  • Regularly check all the screws and bolts to make sure they are tight and in proper position.
  • After each use make sure you dry the snow blower completely to prevent any rust. Make sure the machine is turned off and in neutral when doing so.
  • Visually inspect your snow blower for any damage before or after each use.

Snow Blower Maintenance is a Must

You have comparison shopped and found the perfect snow blower for your needs and because you have invested so much money in your snow blower it is important to keep it running smoothly for years to come. Proper maintenance is the only way to insure that will happen. There are also the safety concerns for keeping your snow blower at peak performance. A snow blower that has not been maintained can be dangerous to use so maintenance is essential.

Maintaining your snow blower helps you understand how it works and if there is something that is not right with your machine then you will be able to tell much easier. If you feel that the maintenance on your snow blower is beyond your capabilities, then take it to a certified maintenance professional for a yearly check-up and routine maintenance throughout the season. The retailer where you purchased your snow blower can help you find a maintenance professional.