Professional Grade Snow Blowers


Professional grade snow blowers don’t come cheap but they are quality machines. If you need power and if you need to cover large areas, then the professional grade snow blower is your machine.

Features of the Profession Grade Snow Blowers

Unlike most of the consumer grade snow blowers, many of the professional grade snow blowers come with all the bells and whistles as standard features. Along with all standard features comes a professional size pricetag.

  • 305-402cc engines for greater power
  • They clear paths up to 5″ wide
  • Directional snow tread tires or sturdy tracks
  • Steel serrated auger that digs into snow and ice
  • Handwarmers in the handle for comfort
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Headlight for poorly lit areas
  • Heavy-duty cast iron gear case
  • Electric starter feature for easy start on cold mornings
  • Steel construction for durability
  • Directional chute style for convenience
  • Power steering for ease of control
  • Interlocking controls

Performance of the Professional Grade Snow Blower

The professional grade snow blower is not for your average home owner. These machines are best for commercial use unless you have large areas to clear. They are powerful machines and are made in limited quantities mostly for commercial use. Because of their construction and extras, they are much more expensive than consumer grade snow blowers but are well worth the price if you have large areas and want good quality.

These snow blowers can cost upwards to $4000. Because of the engine size and the width of the machine you will be able to clear the snow at a much faster pace regardless of the surface you are working on. The professional grade snow blower, although heavier, is easier to use on sloped areas because of the power steering, directional wheels and engine size.

These machines are able to clear snow 30in. or more and it works well in ice and hard packed snow because of the serrated auger. The tires or tracks allow for good traction even in the messiest of snowfalls. The chutes are adjustable for your convenience and most can be adjusted from the control panel. The drive system has several forward and reverse speeds for ease of use. Many of the professional grade snow blowers have adjustable snow throwing distance from 3ft. to 50ft. Because most are all steel constructed they will last a long time with proper maintenance.

Is a Professional Grade Snow Blower For You?

If price is not an issue and you have larger areas to clear then the professional grade snow blower would be a great choice. It would be a must if you are planning on using it as a business venture in the winter months. Anything less wouldn’t stand up to the constant use. The professional grade snow blower is constructed with commercial-quality components that insure years of high performance and reliability. This machine is quite large and heavy so storage can be an issue and maneuvering it when not running can be difficult.