The Electric Snow Shovel. Overpriced Gadget or Useful Tool?


With the winter months coming up you may be thinking of ways to streamline your outdoor maintenance so that you spend a lot less time outside in the cold. Read on to find ways to save your back from lifting and moving around those heavy snow blowers to clear small areas of your landscape.

What’s it going to cost?

Snow shovels are going to cost you anywhere from $70 up to $150 depending on the features you decide on. The electric snow shovels on the market now don’t differ much from one another so the cost and reputation of the manufacturer will be important factors in what you purchase.

Evaluate your needs before deciding on a snow shovel.

  • How much snow do you get on an average? If it is over 6″ of snow you may want to opt for a snow blower instead. Electric snow shovels work best if the snowfall is less than 6″ and doesn’t work well on icy slush
  • How wide of an area do you need to work with? If you have a wide walkway then you will want to opt for a wider electric snow shovel or you will be spending much more time outside in the cold. If your area to clear is more than 40ft. then you probably need to look at a snow blower instead of the shovel. Look at the terrain you will be working with also. An electric snow shovel will not work well on gravel or lots of grassy areas.
  • Take a look at the amperage on the electric snow shovel and make sure you get a motor with more amps which means more power. You will want your electric snow shovel to be up to the task and last longer.
  • It works best on level surfaces such as decks and level walkways so keep that in mind when deciding.
  • Most electric snow shovels are lightweight so if you have a back issue that is a real plus. Just be aware that the lighter the weight the less sturdy it will be.

Top 3 Electric Snow Shovels

  1. Toro Electric Power Shovel. This shovel has 7.5 amps and clears snow up to 6″ deep. Also has a telescoping handle which is good for taller people. It clears a 12″ path. Also comes with a 2 yr. warranty.
  2. GreenWorks 26012 Corded Snow Shovel. This shovel comes has 8 amps and it says it has a clearing depth of 4″ but some of the reviews say it cleared over 6″ snow coverage. It clears a 12″ path and comes with a 4 yr. warranty.
  3. Snow Joe. This shovel has a 10 amp motor with a clearing depth of 6″. It clears a 12″ path and comes with a 2 yr. warranty.

Since there are not many manufacturers of the electric snow shovels at this time, comparison shopping will be an easy task. Decide on the size of the area you are working with, how much you want to spend and the features you need before you decide to purchase.