Consumer Grade Snow Blowers


Consumer grade snow blowers are the smaller of the snow blowers on the market.  Many are single stage and two stage snow blowers but not as sturdy as the other grades of snow blowers.

Types of Consumer Grade Snow Blowers

There are 2 main types of consumer grade snow blowers.

  1. Single stage snow blowers
  2. two stage gas snow blowers

Features and Performance

Consumer grade snow blowers does not mean that you can’t have power, performance and comfort of use.

  • Electric snow shovels or snow throwers. These machines are perfect for small areas. Since these are single stage blowers they work best on areas less than 40ft. of snow area and no more than 6in. of snow. They are lightweight and great for decks or confined areas. They are not good if you have gravel or deeply sloping areas. Their clearing path is small, only about 11in to 18in. The electric motor has less maintenance and easy to start. These are the least expensive of all the snow blowers.
  • Gas single stage snow blowers. These too work best on areas less than 60 ft. of snow area. They do work with more snow, however. The gas snow shovel can work with up to 8in. of snow. They are heavier than the electric models but are still lightweight enough to maneuver easily. They have a wider clearing space which is 20in. to 22in. Most of the gas snow shovels offer electric starting. Since they are gas blowers they require regular maintenance.
  • Two stage gas snow blowers. These snow blowers are more powerful and cuts down on the amount of time to clear an area. They work well in heavy snow and ice. They have engine driven wheels and work well on steep inclines and larger areas. These blowers clear a 28in. to 30in. wide area and work well on gravel since the auger doesn’t touch the ground like the single stage blower does. They are expensive and heavier. Because they are a gas engine they do require regular maintenance.

Special Features You Might Want To Consider

  • On gas models make sure there is electric starting feature.
  • Headlights are a great feature if you are working in areas in the early morning, night, or poorly lit areas.
  • If you live in an area where you get lots of snow, look into a snow blower that has a serrated auger. This allows you to cut into the hard packed snow and ice easily.
  • Many snow blowers come with rubber wheels but some models have tracks that provide better traction in the snow and ice.
  • Power steering is an option that would be important if you have steep slopes or any other type of rougher terrain.
  • The power steering will help make the machine much easier to maneuver.
  • If you want to change the direction that the snow is blowing, make sure there is a chute control on the machine.
  • There is also a handle warmer feature that would be very helpful on those cold mornings.